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On Thu, Oct 26, 2006 at 04:17:37PM -0700, Nikhil Patel wrote:

Yes, to all three questions.

> 1. I want to teach basic unix command, shell scripting to my students, 
> does BSD is same like Unix?

Yes, FreeBSD is Unix in all but name (the name is owned by someone else).
Is is BSD UNIX as apposed to SVR4 or Linux family.

>   2. Can I install FreeBSD on Pentium PC that has 2 partition 1 has 
> windows XP and 1 will have FreeBSD.

Yes, that is called 'dual booting' and is covered in the FreeBSD
handbook and in several FreeBSD books.   By the way, each has to
be what Microsloth calls "Primary Partitions" and FreeBSD calls "slices".
(Most of the FreeBSD correctly uses the term slice, but there are some
parts that use the word 'partition' incorrectly where slice should be used)
In FreeBSD a 'partition' is a subdivision of a slice.   I just recently
wrote a whole long response on this questions list about that and 
Jonathan Arnold posted it on his blog at:

>   3. Is installation process easy?

It is actually easy, but at first a little hard to get used to the
process and terminology.   

So, the best thing to do is to read the FreeBSD Handbook and possibly 
get copies of one or two good FreeBSD books such as "The Complete 
FreeBSD" by Greg Leahy (available online) or "FreeBSD Unleashed"  by 
Michael Urban and Brian Tiemann.  The books cover the same material 
as the FreeBSD Handbook, but use some different ways of explaining 
things and examples so combining them can help understand the whole 
thing better.

Then, just try it a few times.   After doing it and seeing the process
work and possibly making a few mistakes and recovering from them, the
process begins to make more sense.

Have fun,

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