Updating OpenSSL in FreeBSD 4.11

Francisco Lopes falmp at terra.com.br
Fri Oct 27 11:21:12 UTC 2006


I'm running FreeBSD 4.11 and I updated OpenSSL from the source (using
./config --prefix=/usr --openssldir=/usr/include/openssl -- not sure
if these paths are correct) and then updated Apache and PHP, which
brought me errors. I had to recompile both removing the --use-ssl

It also got me errors while trying to recompile OpenSSH from the
source, says it can't find the libs. Though I don't want help right
now in updating OpenSSH, I want now to remove the new OpenSSL
installation and take advantage from the ports system. Is it possible
to completely remove this failed installation?

I was told if I use ports to install it'd remove/overwrite my two old
installations, is this right?

Also, is the below proceedure to do this is right?

cd /usr/ports/security/openssl
make -DOPENSSL_OVERWRITE_BASE install clean

After getting this right I'll update Apache & PHP.


Best regards,

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