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On Tue, 24 Oct 2006, shonbir singh tomar wrote:

> hello,
>  i have installed the freebsd but i  dont know how to use it after installation a black scrren comes prompting for login and password after login by
>root or user a # or $ sign appears its the console mode how i want to use 
>window mode how can i use it plz help me

 	Hi!, you need to read over the FreeBSD project; the basic thing is
root is the superuser; (Administrator in other systems) and this user is 
only for administration of the system; he can do it all.
 	Others users, them work normally: Programmers, web designers, Unix 
Lovers :), etc, etc.
 	Basic commands:

 	ls, cd, cp , mv, rm, su, mkdir, rmdir, etc. You can obtain details 
of these commands with man, for example:

user at localhost$ man cp

user at localhost$ man man

 	recommended links:

 								Good day.

>  i am a new user to bsd
>  i will be very thankful to u if u help me plz...................
>  contact me as soon as possible plz.......
>  shonbir-singh at or shonbir.singh at or shonbir_singh at

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