FreeBSD 6.1 and RAID controller PERC 5/i in DELL PowerEdge 2950

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Thu Oct 26 20:20:09 UTC 2006

--On Thursday, October 26, 2006 12:27:00 -0600 "Marthias, Santosso" 
<SMarthias at> wrote:
> One thing is working, if we only use mfid0 for OS installation and leave
> (not use at all) mfid1 and mfid2, then the server rebooted fine after
> the OS installation (we get the login prompt).
> The problem is we want to have mfid0 for OS, mfid1 for /data, and mfid2
> for /data/app separated from each other and not together in one big
> virtual disk.
> Anybody know about this issue? Any suggestion?
Simple.  Run sysinstall (as root) and use fdisk to setup your slices (mfid1 
for /data and mfid2 for /data/app) and label to label them properly and set 
up the file systems.  Then edit /etc/fstab (if needed - it should be edited 
during this process) to make sure they're mounted on boot.

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