FreeBSD 6.1 and RAID controller PERC 5/i in DELL PowerEdge 2950

Marthias, Santosso SMarthias at
Thu Oct 26 18:27:18 UTC 2006

Hello All,


We have DELL PowerEdge 2950 with RAID controller PERC 5/i and 6 Fujitsu
73GB SAS disks.

We created 3 RAID-1 virtual disks out of the 6 disks :

            VD0 = RAID-1 using disk0 and disk1

            VD1 = RAID-1 using disk2 and disk3

            VD2 = RAID-1 using disk4 and disk5


After that we installed FreeBSD 6.1. 

The FreeBSD 6.1 OS went to the first virtual disk (shown as mfid0 in
sysinstall), we choose standard for "Install Boot Manager".

The other 2 virtual disks we're using for data partition (entire mfid1
mount as /data and entire mfid2 mount as /data/app), we choose none for
"Install Boot Manager".


The installation completed with no error. 

However, once the server in boot process, it shows error for
/dev/mfid0s1a and require fsck on it. We tried to fsck but it failed.
And looks like at this point the OS has corrupted.


One thing is working, if we only use mfid0 for OS installation and leave
(not use at all) mfid1 and mfid2, then the server rebooted fine after
the OS installation (we get the login prompt).

The problem is we want to have mfid0 for OS, mfid1 for /data, and mfid2
for /data/app separated from each other and not together in one big
virtual disk.


Anybody know about this issue? Any suggestion?


Best Regards,

Santosso Marthias

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