Audio recording / home studio type questions

Dan Sikorsky dan at
Thu Oct 26 15:38:11 UTC 2006

My name is Dan, I'm new to this list, I'm a sysadmin.

I have a freebsd / gnome desktop at home, and I have a piece of hardware 
Called guitar port... perhaps some of you are familiar

well, this is one of those devices that the company only supports 
windows  ( )
when i start my machine, freebsd posts it as "Line 6 guitar port blah 
blah" and i think I caught the device name Ugen1 or something similar
(I'm assuming this is usb..generic, as it is a usb audio card)

has anyone had any luck running this thing?
or does anyone have any recommendations on how to ndis this card using 
its windows drivers... I've only ever ndis'd wireless cards.
I cant find any relevant info on line, and line6 support wont help me 
because its not windows.

if this is a flop, what is a solid card (mulitracking pref.) usb/ or 
pci, that is bsd compatible, and will work with some
of the great software out there, like Beast....

also, any other recording  setup recommendations?

I will be recording guitar / bass /drums /vocals  .. I have all mics / 
preamp necessary
Thank you,

Dan Sikorsky
*Systems Admin/GoldMine Admin*,Inc. &, Inc.
845-471-5200 x220
One Civic Center Plaza,
Suite 506
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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