"User" mount of usb "key" drive ... question

Lane lane at joeandlane.com
Thu Oct 26 00:15:58 UTC 2006

I guess I don't know how to ask google and "man fstab" the correct way ...

How can I grant a non-root user the authority to mount (and then write to) a 
usb "key" drive? Especially when said user is already "up in" kde?

The drive works fine if "root" mounts it, but I'd rather not be root when I do 
this on my laptop.  And opening a konsole window, "su"ing and then mounting , 
is cumbersome.

I've been looking at "man devfs.rules," as this seems to be near the place I 
want to be.  But I haven't quite fingered out a way...

Ya'll don't gotta just tell me the answer, if you don't want.  I'm a "man" 
man, so to speak.  I'm eager to look it up myself, only I don't rightly know 
whereinaheck to look.



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