Freebsd Access Point

Erik Richards erikr at
Wed Oct 25 20:19:22 UTC 2006


This is my first submission to a freebsd mailing list so please bare with me.  
I am relatively new to Freebsd but I have so far set up a box at home acting 
as a gateway, firewall, and webserver with php and I'm really loving this 
OS (my version is 6.0).  Now I would like to create an access point.  I have 
a wireless card (Linksys wmp54gs, Broadcom 4318 chipset) I have read that 
I need to use ndiswrapper and windows xp drivers for it to work under Freebsd.
And I need to use hostapd when configuring the card to act as an access point
correct?  I have found documentation on these two separate issues but 
nothing combining them?  My question is, is it possible to use my linksys
card under freebsd and set it up as an access point, or is it only possible 
with native drivers? I've also set up my gateway and all the computers 
behind it using static ips so will I still be able to make wireless work 
similarly?  I would also like to use WPA with my wireless setup.  I almost
forgot, I have 2 wired nic cards in my Freebsd box the one I have connected
to my inside LAN will I have to bride with my wlan card so my wireless
connections can get out to the internet? Thank you all very much for your help.


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