Ports: Darwin Streaming Server

andrew at inemy.com andrew at inemy.com
Wed Oct 25 17:24:39 UTC 2006

Okay. I found the fix to my problem. For the archives, I found the answer
on the Apple Streaming-Server-Users mailling list here:


The Buildit script in the source/work directory
(work/DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.3-Source/) refers to the CCOMP environment
variable, so rather than change the Buildit script I did the following:

#setenv CCOMP g++
#make clean && make

and it builds fine.

--Original Message--
> Hi!
> I'm compiling the port of net/DarwinStreamingServer and ran into an error:
> [...]
> Installing source build of Darwin Streaming Server
> copying Install to FreeBSD
> copying DarwinStreamingServer to FreeBSD/DarwinStreamingServer
> cp: DarwinStreamingServer: No Such File or Directory
> *** Error code 1
> I looked for this file in the original source tarball I and don't see it.
> I do see this file in the Linux tarball. Does this port require the Linux
> binary tarball instead of the Source download? Yet the makefile
> specifically stated using DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.3-Source.tar.
> I had found a set of "FreeBSD binaries" (woefully out of date) that seemed
> to be compiled from the Linux download and running under Linux emulation.
> Is this the case for the FreeBSD port?
> I'm not subscribed to this list, so please Cc: me on any replies.
> Thanks.

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