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Vince jhary at
Wed Oct 25 15:47:48 UTC 2006

Jack Stone wrote:
> Folks:
> I have managed to piece together a shell script that is able to retrieve
> the domains from the spams of the day and summarize those in a special
> file that can then be added to the sendmail's rejects in the access.db.
> But, first I have to eyeball the list and remove any obvious good-guy
> domains.
> I would like to create another list of those same good guys that can be
> added to each day as they show up, then compare it to the above main
> list and delete the good guy domains before adding to the access.db.
> What would be the best way of doing the above in a few lines added to my
> (sh) shell script?
hmm probably not the best but....

egrep -v -f goodguys.txt spamers.txt

will only spit out the domains in spammers.txt that are not in goodguys.txt

goodguys.txt is a file of good guys domains in the format|||

creating this file programaticly shouldnt be too hard. not sure how well
this will scale as i only tested it with 5 or so names.

> BTW: The "spam" list of domains are listed in a column one below the
> other in a flat file.
> Appreciate your usual fine advice on this. Hope I have been clear.
> Thanks!
> Jack
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