mapserver in ports error

jason at jason at
Wed Oct 25 00:54:47 UTC 2006

hey folks, im
trying to install this from ports on a 4.11 box and get the dreaded message about
configure: error:
!!! You PHP was compiled with PHP's bundled regex library.               !!!
!!! In this case MapServer and PHP MapScript must also be compiled       !!!
!!! using the same copy of regex.                                        !!!
!!! There are two possible ways to get rid of this error:                !!!


so how exactly do I
!!!     use the --with-php-regex-dir=DIR configure                       !!!
!!!    option to specifiy the location of the PHP source tree where the  !!!
!!!    regex/*.o files are located.

I know where the php dir is, but
do I do this from the
/usr/ports/graphics/mapserver/work/mapserver-4.4.1 with a configure command
or is there some switch on "make install" that I use?


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