ndis on startup

Mark Busby redtick at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 24 18:50:27 UTC 2006

I've got a encore enlwi-g pci wireless network card
that has a marvel chipset that is not supported by the
current drivers. The ndis driver will run the card
just fine. But if I try to load the ndis driver from
loader.conf the card errors out and cannot be
recovered until you reboot the computer. Unloading the
driver and reloading will not work. Loading the driver
after the computer is up seems to be the only option. 

In the loader.conf I have the following.

error msg
Oct 23 17:57:51 lame kernel: pci0: <network, ethernet>
at device 11.0 (no driver attached)
Oct 23 17:57:51 lame kernel: ndis0: <IEEE 802.11g
Wireless Cardbus/PCI Adapter> mem 0xf4010000-0xf40
Oct 23 17:57:51 lame kernel: ndis0: NDIS API version:
Oct 23 17:57:52 lame kernel: ndis0: init handler
Oct 23 17:57:52 lame kernel: device_attach: ndis0
attach returned 6

Is there a way to script the load on start after
everything is running?

6.1-RELEASE i386 FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE #0: Mon Oct 23
16:34:04 CDT 2006

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