Copying binaries to new server

Eric heli at
Tue Oct 24 15:54:58 UTC 2006

James Smallacombe wrote:
> A couple of months ago, I spent a couple of weeks compiling and configuring
> the latest FBSD, apache, perl, qmail and the bazzilion modules, patches and
> addon apps that go with all of it on an existing server, and ironing out all
> the upgrade issues that entailed.
> Since then, due to apparent hardware problems with that server, I just put
> together a new server using new hardware.
> The old hardware was dual P-III, Adaptec SCSI RAID 1
> The new hardware is single Xeon, LSI SAS RAID 1
> Both running 6.2-Prerelease.
> Is there any reason I shouldn't just copy all of /usr and /var from the old
> server, or do I really need to compile everything anew and sort out any
> simlinks to other file systems?
> Please copy me directly, since I am no subscribed
> TIA!

why not just a dump/restore of the file systems in question?

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