Out of Office AutoReply: Mail System Error - Returned Mail

Hardin, Mark MarkHardin at staff.abanet.org
Tue Oct 24 01:10:28 UTC 2006

I am currently not available to respond to email and will return on October 26.  I lost many recent emails because my hard drive crashed, so if I have not responded, please repeat your message.

If your message is time sensitive, please contact Shante Bullock, Administrative Assistant, (202) 662-1746, bullocks at staff.abanet.org or Jennifer Renne, Assistant Director of the Resource Center, (202) 662-1731, rennej at staff.abanet.org.  They will refer you to the appropriate person at the Center.  

If this is an emergency or highly time sensitive, please call me at (202) 662-1750 or (202) 669-0899.  I will respond as soon as I can when I check my messages.

If you are a state agency or state CIP project contacting us about training or technical assistance, please contact Jennifer Renne at rennej at staff.abanet.org.

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