HAL/FreeBSD & Metacity Compositor

Jeff Molofee nehe at cruzinternet.com
Mon Oct 23 23:36:34 UTC 2006

Is there any documentation specifically for HAL on FreeBSD? DBUS is 
working great, hald and policy kit are enabled in rc.conf. I see devices 
listed under my computer. But I'm not sure how to mount them correctly.

I know it's a stupid thing to ask, but do I still need a mount point in 
fstab? It seems I do. And when mounting a USB key, how come it will 
mount once, but will not mount a second or third time after it has been 

Also, is there any reason my system would be freezing up hard while it 
scans the sd slots on my printer? It seems the machine freezes (as in 
nothing new can happen), but I can still switch from one window to 
another. If I drop to console CTL-ALT-F1, I can see it scanning the 
printer sd slots over and over and failing... after a bit the system 
returns to normal... and everything I've clicked to that point opens or 

Finally does metacity actually support compositor on FreeBSD? I've tried 
to add the "eye candy", but have had no luck at all compiling metacity 
with the --enable-compositor flag. I do however see the compositor 
options in gnome config.

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