kppp DNS problem?

Bob Johnson fbsdlists at
Mon Oct 23 20:28:17 UTC 2006

On 10/21/06, opbc at
<opbc at> wrote:
>   kppp works as advertised, except for one little problem.
>   my primary and secondary DNS servers are as follows:
>   All well and good - BUT the kppp config untility will only allow
> numbers to be entered into the utility!
>   Please suffer this ol' burn-out from the 60's some advice.  What to
> do, where?

Your ISP should give you names instead of numbers for their DNS
servers.  Your system can only use names if it already knows where its
DNS servers are, because converting names to numbers is what DNS
servers do.

Hence, the software only wants numbers.

As someone has already posted, the names they gave you resolve to:

which does not appear to be very robust.  It would be nice if at least
one of your nameservers was on a different network, in case their
network loses connectivity.

- Bob

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