whois weirdness...

Bob Johnson fbsdlists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 20:07:52 UTC 2006

The BSD whois command doesn't seem to get along well with the Verisign
whois server.  You get back every domain that includes MICROSOFT.COM
attempt to specify the unique name with something like


A workaround is to use the above form of the command to get a list of
whois servers for each of the listed domains, and then query the
correct server for the one you are interested in, e.g.:

whois -h whois.opensrs.net microsoft.com

If that doesn't describe your situation, post an example of the
response you get.

- Bob

On 10/23/06, Evren Yurtesen <yurtesen at ispro.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> When I do whois from my FreeBSD 6-stable boxes I am receiving funny answers.
> For example when I do whois microsoft.com I get totally unrelated data.
> However
> whois works just as expected from some linux boxes I tried.
> Can anybody explain why this is happening?
> Thanks,
> Evren
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