pfspamd greylisting stuttering at everything

Peter N. M. Hansteen peter at
Mon Oct 23 06:20:36 UTC 2006

> I'm set up just like the man page, but every incoming connection is
> being stuttered at.  This plays havoc with incoming legit mail, of
> course, and I've been forced to fall back on older antispam tools.

Are you sure you are actually seeing stuttering, not just the
greylisting database getting (slowly) initialized?  

You should expect a 'silent period' while the machines which are
trying to send you mail prove their good intentions to your
greylister.  The point of greylisting, after all, is to force
correspondents to retry 'within a reasonable time'.  The lower
threshold for 'reasonable' is set with the first of the -G arguments
to spamd.  The other factor is how long the correspondent takes to
actually retry, which depends on a number of other factors you really
can't influence much, such as the size of that server's outgoing

I would give the initial database buildup a few hours at least.  If
you're impatient and you have a few addresses which you consider
'known good', you could whitelist them using 

      # spamdb -a nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn

see spamdb(8) for details.  I suppose that man page could do with a
bit more text.

PS  My favorite quote about spamd and greylisting at the moment is this
    recent message to openbsd-misc:

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