IBM DB2 on FreeBSD 6.1

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> > Hi,
> >
> >I want to use FreeBSD on Server Production
> >
> >My goal is to use IBM DB2 database server (C-Express is give in tgz,
> >with a
> java installer ... so)
> >
> >Does any one can report a success on this product under freebsd ?
> >
> >It's as fast as on linux box ?
> DB2 on Linux makes extensive use of Linux-isms which FreeBSD does not
> reproduce, mostly due to kernel differences but also due to issues in
> the linuxulator.  In the past, I've found differences with stat,
> memory allocation and AIO features which cripple DB2 to the point of
> not starting up or running properly.
> If anyone wants work to resolve these issues, please contact me
> off-list.  I have access to the information that we'd need to get
> this working.

A lot of work is being done on our linux support, please see

The guys on emulation@ might be interested / able to help you.

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