Postfix + clamav-milter

albi albinootje albinootje at
Sun Oct 22 21:11:10 UTC 2006

On 10/22/06, NetOpsCenter <noc at> wrote:

> clamsmtp sounds like what I need.
> What do you use for a spam rejector?
> I have this same issue as Gerard that I want to resolv on a new mail server.  "Keep it
> simple and as spam free as virus free as possible."

i like the keep-it-simple approach, i've however dealt with the long
config-file from amavis
recently and i'm happy about the results!

> I have postfix running under dovecot which works fine, and I want to add  the anti virus and
> spam rejection.

on one mailserver i'm running
one another postfix+dovecot+clamsmtp+clamav+procmail

i'm planning to move the 2nd one also to amavisd-new+spamassassin,
instead of clamsmtp+clamav+procmail+spamassassin

with postfix and amavisd-new rejecting all kind of binaries the need
for virus-scanning
is not so urgent for me, also because there's almost no
windows-partition left :]

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