Backing up SOHO server

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Oct 22 19:44:21 UTC 2006

> Hmm, not familiar with "dump" or "restore", but what I would suggest,

i am. very good tools, maybe except restore slowly processes directory 
listings when >10 millions file are in backup. but restores fine anyway :)

dump is always fast, -L is very useful things, but manual mksnap+dump 
may be more useful if more than one copy needs to be done.

works directly (-a) with SCSI tapes and with DVD+RW drives (with 

i'm using it over a year in FreeBSD (and 3 years at all) and it works.

i had to do full restore 2 times one because of disk crash, other time 
after doing rm -rf / instead of rm -rf /a (where a was temporary 
directory) because i missed just this a :)

incremental dumps are most important to me, nothing else really works that 
way, while gtar is said to ;)

use chflags nodump to flag /tmp/* and other dirs that are not important.

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