Dualboot Ntloader "invalid slice"

Laurens Timmermans lauwe at planet.nl
Sun Oct 22 08:42:00 UTC 2006

Kent Stewart schreef:
> Well "copy" will sometimes copy as asci instead of binary. You have /a and /b 
> to force one type or the other.
> Xcopy, I think, always copies binary. I think a drag and drop does will also 
> prefer to copy as binary.
> Kent

I tried the following:

"bsdlabel -B ad0s3"
according to the manual this should recreate boot1 and boot2 ? I made a 
backup of boot1 but the above command does not recreate boot1. It only 
does something with /boot/boot. So i restored the backup of boot1, 
copied the first 512 bytes of /boot/boot to a usb-stick using dd. I 
booted back into windows and used xcopy to copy the boot1-file to my c:.

But still i get "Invalid slice"

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