Running qemu on -CURRENT with -nographic

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie at
Fri Oct 20 16:52:02 UTC 2006

Hi list !

(Please Cc: me in your replies.)

I have installed qemu from ports, without kqemu (for now, at least).
I am accessing the box with ssh, and I don't have X running on it,
therefore I used the -nographic knob which is supposed to use only
the tty.

Unfortunately, here is what's happened:

% jarjarbinks:/<1>msdos/qemu:104# qemu -cdrom /mnt/msdos/isos/debian-31r3-i386-netinst.iso -hda debian.img -m 64 -boot d -nographic -net user
% (qemu) 
(Here, I type C-a h.)
% C-a h    print this help
% C-a x    exit emulator
% C-a s    save disk data back to file (if -snapshot)
% C-a b    send break (magic sysrq)
% C-a t    toggle console timestamps
% C-a c    switch between console and monitor
% C-a C-a  send C-a
(Here I type C-a c.)
% (qemu) 
% (qemu) c
% (qemu) 
(Here I type C-a c again, in order to switch to "console".)
% (qemu)

>From here, qemu is stalled.  I can't even go back to "monitor" mode.
I'm solely able to kill qemu from another terminal, in which case
my shell gets all the keystrokes in a burst.

Does any experience the same problem ?  If so, did you find a solution
or workaround ?  Or maybe is it running flawlessly ?

Thank you.
Jeremie Le Hen
< jeremie at le-hen dot org >< ttz at chchile dot org >

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