kern.maxfiles exceeded soon after KDE or Gnome started

Adi Pircalabu apircalabu at
Fri Oct 20 12:26:50 UTC 2006

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006 14:11:30 +0200 martinko wrote:

> I've installed KDE 3.5.4 and Gnome 2.14 on a new GENERIC installation
> of 6.2-PRERELEASE.
> Both desktop environments syslog error about exceeding kern.maxfiles
> limit soon after their started.
> While with Window Maker and many open apps, and even with Xfce 4.2, I
> usually have between 200 to 500 kern.openfiles, kern.maxfiles
> (defaults to 1064) is obviously too low for KDE/Gnome or I'm running
> into an issue or sth.
> As I haven't noticed recommendation on kern.maxfiles on project pages
> nor during installation of the ports, I'd like to ask the community
> what are the sane recommended numbers ??

See /usr/ports/devel/gamin/pkg-message on how to handle this.

Adi Pircalabu (PGP Key ID 0x04329F5E)

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