squirrelmail/sasldb2 access problem

pobox at verysmall.org pobox at verysmall.org
Fri Oct 20 11:29:13 UTC 2006

Martin Schweizer wrote:
> Hello 
> I use cyrus (incl. sasldb2) , apache, sendmail and squirrelmail (incl. plugin 
> to change the sasl password).
> My problem is that /usr/local/etc/sasldb2.db needs the following right that 
> squirrelmail can change the password in the db:
> -rw-rw-rw-   1 root  cyrus   24576 20 Okt 11:46 sasldb2.db
> This is a security hole, isn't it? Do you have any ideas?

Did you ask this at Squirrelmail?

I think there you will get more responses.


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