How many Labels/partitions are permitted?

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Fri Oct 20 01:31:08 UTC 2006


On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 08:29:07PM -0300, Agus wrote:

> Hi all. I was reading the installation of freebsd and get that only
> partitions, sorry, labels a to h are allowed. is this so?
> So if i want to have the following scheme:
> /
> /home
> /usr
> /usr/local
> /tmp
> /var
> /var/log
> /homeb
> Can i make this? cause i tried, but i get an X in the label...

The first question is, do you have any other OSen like MS-Win or
possibly a diagnostic utility put there by a vendor using up
a primary slice or two?

The primary divisions of a disk in FreeBSD are the slices (unless you
make one of those 'dangerously dedicated disks' which you don't really
want to do).   The slices are then [sub]divided in to partitions.
There can be up to 4 primary slices numbered 1..4 and each slice can 
be divided in up to 8 partitions labeled a..h - with partition 'c'
reserved to describe the whole slice and usually partition 'b' used
for swap.  So, effectively there are up to 6 partitions allowed per

So, if you haven't already used up all 4 slices, then just make more
than 1 slice at the fdisk stage and divide each up with enough partitions
to suit your situations.


> Thanx guys....
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