How many Labels/partitions are permitted?

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Thu Oct 19 23:49:13 UTC 2006

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Agus <agus.262 at> wrote:

> Hi all. I was reading the installation of freebsd and get that only
> partitions, sorry, labels a to h are allowed. is this so?
> So if i want to have the following scheme:
> /
> /home
> /usr
> /usr/local
> /tmp
> /var
> /var/log
> /homeb

a-h are possible, yes, but b is usually used for swap and c is
reserved "for internal use". You shouldn't change it unless you
need a reliable way to lose data, in which case it can be quite
handy. That leaves you a,d,e,f,g and h.

Basically, now you have 4 options:
- rework your partiotion sheme to work with these limits
- create two slices on the disk, giving you *s1[adefgh] and
  *s2[adefgh] to work with
- nest the disklabels (aparently possible). You'll end up with
  (for example) da0[adefg] and da0h[adefgh]. Yes, this is ugly.
- try using gpt partitions (you can't boot from them afaik and
  there might be more limitations, i don't know)

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