Automated installations

George Allan d1945 at
Thu Oct 19 23:17:28 UTC 2006

On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 01:15:58AM +0000, valentin_nils at wrote:

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> Quoting George Allan:
>> valentin_nils at wrote:
>>> I am in search of an tool for automated installations. SOmething like
>>> Kickstart or Autoyast for Linux - just the BSD-able version ;-)
>>> Is anybody aware of such a tool that I perhaps overlooked or anybody
>>> perhaps currently developing one ?
>> sysinstall(8) is your friend.
>> pxeboot(8) will buy the drinks.
>> Be sure to read through Section 2 of the fine Handbook.
> That basically means that I have to compile/burn my own CD with the  
> config file install.cfg in it right ?

Not at all.  I'd advise against trying to compile/burn your own CD.  I'd
even advise against using CDs altogether, except perhaps in the case of
emergencies.  Once you're past the 1 system count, setting up a network
infrastructure to handle your installations (along with just about
everything else) is often more than just a good idea.  The small
investment in time will give you the opportunity to learn something, and
will save you time and grief in the future.
> is there a version f.e. to start from the CD (with some parameters  
> where the config file is located) and do that from a boot floppy -  
> basically without PXEboot  or can I point PXEboot to the CD image AND  
> the install.cfg somehow ?

Again, drop the CD idea.  You want to be booting off the network, and
installing from the network.  The following link provides a
newbie-friendly description of how you can use PXE to perform a simple
network-based installation:

Once you're comfortable with the concepts, you can proceed to automating
the installation (and customising install.cfg):


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