Xorg -configure results a black screen

Paul Schmehl pauls at utdallas.edu
Thu Oct 19 15:50:11 PDT 2006

--On Thursday, October 19, 2006 19:30:45 +0200 Bjoern Thomsen 
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> Hi again,
> I am able to start Xorg, but kde does not start.
> It seems it still has problems with my display.
> The most important failure messages that showed up when trying to start
> kde are :
> Xsetroot: unable to open display ''
> Xset: unable to open display ''
> Ksplash: cannot connect to X Server
> Kdeinit : Aborting. $DISPLAY is not set.
> I also copied my modified xorg.conf.new with "HorizSync" and "VertRefresh"
> settings from the /root/ to the folder /etc/X11/  but it seems it cannot
> find the file ??!
> What else can I do to get KDE running.
Edit /etc/ttys like this:
ttyv8   "/usr/local/bin/kdm -nodaemon"  xterm   on secure

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