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Thu Oct 19 20:41:33 UTC 2006

On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 04:26:38PM -0400, Wayne wrote:

> Is there a list of "recommended" hardware for FreeBSD (i386 in my case)?
> I know there is a "Hardware Notes" section in the release notes, that's 
> not what I'm asking!
> If I was going to build or spec' a system, what subset of the supported 
> hardware is best?  I've heard cons, like manufacturer's apathy or 
> negativity towards FreeBSD.  I guess Pros would include stable, actively 
> developed drivers, consistency and long term availability of products 
> (unlike manufacturers who release 3 totally different boards in a year 
> with the same model number!), etc...

Really any machine in the i386 or am64 line that is big enough and fast 
enough to handle your needs should do the trick.   Then, just avoid
the accessories that are not supported.   Most of the parts you'd really
want to get are supported anyway.

There is so much out there that you really have to start with an
idea of what machine you want and just check back to make sure
the parts are supported.

Unless you want something like a FreeBSD Systems box that is built
specifically for FreeBSD:

Or an Iron Systems server:

Actually, nowdays Even Dell and HP [reluctantly] admit FreeBSD exists
and will work on their systems.   Almost all of the machines I have
had bought for me to work on here have been one of those two.

So, don't worry overly much.
Just get something good and not a fly-by-night piece of junk and it 
will probably be fine - just check the extra cards like NICs, etc
against the compatibility.

Have fun,


> Thanks for your input,
>   -WC
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