Which FreeBSD version, release shoult i use?

Eric heli at mikestammer.com
Thu Oct 19 20:10:34 UTC 2006

Agus wrote:
> Hi to all, i am new to freebsd and was wondering which RELEASE or version
> should i put in a Production Server to offer free shell access an free web
> pages hosting.
> I downloaded RELEASE5.5 and the latest one 6.1.
> I tried to find s STABLE release but couldnt find one....
> I apreciate any help....
> thanx a lor for your time.

start with 6.1 and play with STABLE (which is 6.2 beta currently I 
believe) on another machine. that or install 6.1 then cvs to 6.2 if you 

i wouldnt bother with the 5.x releases.

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