Why csh on Root?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at msu.edu
Thu Oct 19 15:34:57 UTC 2006

On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 09:20:14AM -0400, Jonathan Arnold wrote:

> Martin McCormick wrote:
> >	Is there any particular reason why FreeBSD has csh as the
> >default root shell?  Nothing really wrong with it except that I
> The stock answer is that bash is not guaranteed to be available,
> as it is neither in the standard installation package, nor is it
> on the / partition.  After you have installed it, it will go in
> the /usr path, which is often a separate partition. If that gets
> corrupted, and you've changed your root shell to be /usr/local/bin/bash,
> you won't be able to login as root!  Even if you were to copy it
> to /bin, there might be other dependencies that won't be available.
> There was a recent thread here that talked about how to work around
> this.  Personally, I just type 'bash' as the first thing when I login
> as root in single user mode.

Then, there those of us who have not fallen to the depths of using bash.
Someone must have been trying to lift us all our of our misery...

The BSD default was always /bin/sh.   bash has never been a BSD thing -
even though Linuxees tend to fall in to it - even though bash follows
the /bin/sh family and csh-tcsh does not.   


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