can burn cd's, can't read once burnt

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Thu Oct 19 03:41:38 UTC 2006

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Timothy Smith wrote:
> Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Timothy Smith wrote:
>>>> Paul Schmehl wrote:
>>>>> --On Thursday, October 19, 2006 00:17:33 +1000 Timothy Smith
>>>>> <timothy at> wrote:
>>>>>> i have an odd issue with 6.0 that i've been trying to solve for
>>>>>> ages and
>>>>>> nobody seems to know how to answer.
>>>>>> 1. i can mount any cd's or dvd's THAT I DIDN'T BURN. makes no
>>>>>> difference
>>>>>> what media is used.
>>>>>> 2. i burn a dvd like so
>>>>>> growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/cd0=bailes.iso
>>>>> Are you sure this shouldn't be
>>>>> growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/acd0=bailes.iso ?
>>>>> Paul Schmehl (pauls at
>>>>> Adjunct Information Security Officer
>>>>> The University of Texas at Dallas
>>>> not unless the freebsd handbook is wrong.
>>>> it burns the dvd, i just can't mount it on this computer. i can mount
>>>> under windows.
>     Not sure, but it's either UDF or ISO9660 format, and if you
> don't have the correct support built into your kernel or if you don't
> have the right fs mentioned in fstab, the kernel/mount will refuse to
> mount the DVD since it doesn't know how to interpret the contents. Try
> either mounting with -t udf or -t auto and see if you can mount the disk.
>     Also, if the DVD is an audio DVD, you can't mount it; just use a
> program like xMMs to play it directly by setting up the CDROM plugin
> properly.. You need to be a part of the operator group, or set the
> permissions for the drive properly in order to mount it.
> -Garrett
> none of the above apply, since i can mount the original dvd just fine,
> but i can't mount the burnt image. :/ i'm at a loss with what to do

Cheap DVDs? Old DVD burner firmware? Upgrading your firmware may help a
lot in this case, as it did for me with my cheap media in my Phillips
DVD+/-RW drive..
- -Garrett
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