tao.thought.org is back.....

Gary Kline kline at tao.thought.org
Wed Oct 18 21:13:10 UTC 2006

	This is only for sendmail *wizards* out there.  It took me two
	hours of messing round with the /etc/mail/* files on ns1|sage
	before I just gave up.  After I rebooted both servers to get mail 
	to default to tao.  

	After my first "fatal trap" on 01 Sept, I changed (uncommented) my 
	^Cw tao.thought.org
	line on sage's sendmail.cf to get mail going to sage rather than tao.
	I do realize that this Cw line means: route all mail for "tao" to
	localhost, which here was sage.  With this Cw commented out, mail
	for kline at thought.org was routed to tao.  Uncommented, and mail
	stayed in sage.thought.org.

	My one question is given that mail defaults to my
	ns1.thought.org, HOW can I get it to go to (say) zen.thought.org,
	or to tao.thought.org?  or to ethos.thought.org?   OR what 
	re-initialization do I  have to do?  other than a shutdown -r

	I thought I had this down cold, but nope.....


	PS:  Mail from my magnesium.net account mailed explicitedly to
	     kline at sage.thought.org, kline at ethos.thought.org,
	     kline at zen.thought.org, or kline at tao.thought.org---in other
	     words,  using the FQDN-- gets to which ever server.  But how
	     do I make "kline at thought.org" reach a specific server??

	PS:  Apologizes if this seems like an obscure question; it IS....

   Gary Kline     kline at thought.org   www.thought.org     Public service Unix

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