freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 153, Issue 22

Jeff Molofee nehe at
Wed Oct 18 02:01:17 UTC 2006

I need to ask a few random questions only because I have not found the 
information by browsing the net:

If anyone is able to answer any of the questions I would appreciate it.

1. I've asked in the past about the usb keyboard driver for BSD. It 
seems that of the 3 USB keyboards that I have, none of the media keys 
will work on any of them unless I use the supplied PS/2 adapter and plug 
the keyboard in using the PS/2 port. I can then use volume up/down/mute 
on all 3 keyboards. If I take the PS/2 adapter off and use the keyboards 
in the USB port, only the standard keys are readable... the media keys 
return nothing to gnome's Keyboard Shortcuts program. I have tried all 
of the standard key reading programs, and they return nothing as well.

Today I ran a live ubuntu cd on my machine and noticed the media keys 
work fine, they were even predefined and ready to go.

Is this a problem with the BSD usb keyboard driver? Is there a patch, 
fix or anything I can do to add support (documentation on how to do this)?

2. Everyone knows Gnome 2.16 is out, and with it comes metacity 2.16.3. 
Along with all of the wonderful new features such as HAL, etc, metacity 
apparently supports aiglx in 2.16.3. Is this only on linux machines? and 
if not, can someone tell me how to add --*enable*-*compositor*. I have 
made an attempt, but it seem to complain about missing libcm 
(compositing?). I see the gnome bsd site says new eye candy. They could 
be talking about cairo only, but I'm crossing my fingers.

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