datalink VPN ?

Marwan Sultan dead_line at
Mon Oct 16 23:38:10 UTC 2006

Hello Gurus,

   After reading the handbook part

   I have two questions please,
   I have a dynamic IP in both, my main office and one of the branches
   How i'm going to tell vpn configuration, tunnel gif0 devices that its a 
dynamic IP
   and should look for it everytime the ip changes ?
   and if i should use of of any dynamic dns services, how would the 
   take the hostname not the IPs? is it possible?

   Also our internet provider provides a datalink connection between the 
office and one of the
   branches without internet (just datalink), (and using two cisco routers 
   any hint for freebsd vpn with no internet? maybe the datalink ?

   Marwan Sultan

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