What's so compelling about FreeBSD?

Damian Wiest dwiest at vailsys.com
Mon Oct 16 14:23:05 PDT 2006

On Mon, Oct 16, 2006 at 01:38:59PM -0700, William Tracy wrote:
> Well, thanks for all the replies. I didn't mean to rub anybody the
> wrong way, and if I did, I'm sorry. :-P
> Up until now, I've basically been running FreeBSD more or less like
> just another Linux distro, and was beginning to wonder if I was really
> missing out on something by doing that. That, and I thought I'd give
> the fanboys a chance to praise their pet OS. :-)
> Overall, it sounds like I was on the right track, though. FreeBSD has
> its pros and cons, but it's fundamentally just another Unix-like
> system. Which is a good thing! ;-)

It's not "just another Unix-like system", it _is_ a Unix system.

> For the record, I really, really, like Debian (and now Ubuntu). I
> understand that there are packages that allow the Debian packaging
> system to run on top of the FreeBSD kernel, and I'll definitely have
> try that out sometime.
> Anyway, FreeBSD is great, and I'll keep playing with it. :-)
> William


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