Teletronics wlan 200mW card supported under 5.x?

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Mon Oct 16 20:35:46 UTC 2006

On 10/16/06, Gordon Pedersen <gordon at> wrote:
> Has anyone got the Teletronics XI-325HP 200mW PRISM 2.5-based PCMCIA card
> to work under freebsd 5.4, which I currently run?  or 6.x?
> The Teletronics XI-325HP 200mW PRISM 2.5-based PCMCIA card is
> high on my list of possible cards with external antenna jacks to buy.
> Older reports say they had to flash firmware back to 1.5.6 on
> the card to get it working under Freebsd 4.x.  Current firmware
> as sold now appears to be 1.8.4 or higher.  Seems like a big
> jump backwards to take.

Thats a rebranded zcom card, should have RP-MMCX antenna connector. It
depend what you want to do with the card?, IIRC secondary firmware
1.8.4 / primary 1.1.1 doesn't support hostap mode... IIRC you'll have
to reflash it with secondary 1.7.4 ~ 1.4.9 (I forget which is best) to
get hostap mode working. I have all the firmware, utilites, and docs
if you need them. Secondary firmware 1.7.4 and up supports WPA and
1.3.7 and up supports Prism 3 chipsets. I forget which firmwares
supports 802.11d but I know 1.8.4 does. I think I have the secondary
firmware changelog up to 1.4.9, primary firmware changelog up to 1.1.0
and a 2003 version of the driver programmers manual.

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