atapicam trouble

Josh Carroll josh.carroll at
Mon Oct 16 09:23:35 PDT 2006


I have a PR submitted for this problem. I do not think it is
particular to Asus P5B boards, as I tried a Gigabyte DS3 board and it
had the same problem.

PR is here:

I'm unable to copy a file from a udf-mounted DVD regardless of whether
atapicam is loaded or not, so I'm not sure if atapicam is just making
a problem more apparent or what. Are you able to do so?


On 10/16/06, Johan Johansen <Johan.Johansen at> wrote:
> I still have the same problem as below, even when running 6.2-BETA2 from
> a FreeSBIE - cd. I wonder if this could have to do with badly supportet
> motherboard, ASUS P5B, since I dont see any temp-readings with sysctl.
> cpuTemp and MBTemp are displayed under bios-config.

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