Deinstalling X-windows

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Mon Oct 16 08:24:31 PDT 2006

Chris wrote:

> I really appreciate the responses, they answer what I asked but also 
> another question I didn't ask, but was worrying about. We DO use 
> ImageMagick and for the first time, I've installed it from ports. I 
> didn't find any reference to WITHOUT_X11 in the man make.conf but 
> immediately found it in the make for ImageMagick so you hit on the head. 
> I'll research more for the other ports we are using and see if there 
> similar flags.

AFAIK The options documented for make.conf concerns building the base 
system. But you can add options for ports as well: Adding


will cause all ports that support the option to be built without X11 so 
you don't have to specify it every time.

Whether you install ImageMagick from ports or not, you need the X11 
libraries. The pkg_delete or any other of the package/ports tools won't 
warn you about anything breaking unless it is installed from ports.

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