What's so compelling about FreeBSD?

William Tracy afishionado at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 15:26:04 PDT 2006


I've installed FreeBSD on my desktop. I got KDE working, and Amor is
running so I have a little daemon sitting on my window. I can mount my
USB card reader and open the pictures from my digital camera in Gimp.
I can browse the web in Firefox. I even compiled my own kernel so that
I'm all 1337. :-)

Overall, I like FreeBSD--the kernel build process felt a lot smoother
than Linux, the /boot and /sys file heirarchies makes more sense to me
than /boot and /usr/src under Linux, and the /dev heirarchy seems
sane, though it's still pretty alien to me. So far, everything I do
under Linux I can do under FreeBSD.

FreeBSD is nice, but I haven't seen anything really *compelling* about
it. FreeBSD might be more stable as a server, but for my desktop Linux
has proven more than stable enough. (X crashes sometimes, but FreeBSD
can't really fix that.) The extra file flags look intersting, but
otherwise I haven't seen anything that I can do under FreeBSD that I
can't with Linux.

So, basically, I'm asking you guys to wow me. :-) Show me how FreeBSD
can outdo Linux. Make me never want to go back.

William Tracy

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