Bill Campbell freebsd at
Sun Oct 15 10:10:25 PDT 2006

On Sun, Oct 15, 2006, David Banning wrote:
>I am using imap-uw and so I am familiar with the 
>"DON'T DELETE THIS MESSAGE" email which stays on the server. 
>In my case, I read my mail -on- the server so I see this email all the
>time. Since I use imap as well, deleting it only causes it to come back,
>I observe.
>I find this annoying, so my question is whether -all- imap servers
>in the ports have this message that appears. If not, maybe I'll
>install another. Otherwise I will learn to live with it.

No all IMAP servers don't have this message.

We've been using courier-imap for about six years, and it uses
Maildir stores (one file per message) and doesn't need that.

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