External touchpad?

Ian Smith smithi at nimnet.asn.au
Fri Oct 13 11:21:46 PDT 2006


running a Thinkpad T23 on 6.1-RELEASE.  Happy but for the 'stickmouse',
finding it tediously unproductive after using a nice touchpad for years. 

Does anyone know of a usable compact external touchpad?  The Cirque Easy
Cat (http://www.cirque.com/cpages/?page=24) looks about a useful size,
but Google has so far let me down regarding whether this might work with
FreeBSD, PS/2 or USB.  It seems to be a successor to the ALPS Glidepoint
(too chunky, serial only) which has long been listed as supported. 

Or are there any others?  Thanks in advance for any tips,

Cheers, Ian

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