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Fri Oct 13 09:10:40 PDT 2006

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 10:12:13 -0500
"Rick Stout" <infield at> wrote:

> I am new to FreeBSD and wish to install a version (6.1) within VMWare
> to learn the system. I have installed and used Ubuntu Linux using the
> Gnome desktop and have extensive experience with all of the Windows
> OS's. The problem I am having is trying to determine without too much
> trial and error which ISO(s) to download. I have downloaded both ISO
> disks (1 & 2) for an i386 platform. Are both disks necessary for
> installation (the 505mb and 574mb) ? Or are each disk the same
> version using a different desktop? Basically, what ISO(s) do I need
> to burn to disk for the initial installation?

you only need disc 1 for install, and in vmware you don't have to burn
iso-images, you can choose to use the iso as a "virtual cdrom" (at
least, in the "free of charge" vmware server you can)


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