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Fri Oct 13 04:18:08 PDT 2006

Helo, freebsd-questions.

I have FreeBSD 6.2 with 2GB RAM, 4GB SWAP and MySQL 5.0
In my.cnf I write innodb_buffer_pool_size = 1G

When Mysql 5.0 starting his write to errorr log:
InnoDB: Error: cannot allocate 1073758208 bytes of
InnoDB: memory with malloc! Total allocated memory
InnoDB: by InnoDB 28448296 bytes. Operating system errno: 12
InnoDB: Check if you should increase the swap file or
InnoDB: ulimits of your operating system.
InnoDB: On FreeBSD check you have compiled the OS with
InnoDB: a big enough maximum process size.
InnoDB: Note that in most 32-bit computers the process
InnoDB: memory space is limited to 2 GB or 4 GB.
InnoDB: We keep retrying the allocation for 60 seconds...
InnoDB: Fatal error: cannot allocate the memory for the buffer pool

In kernel conf I write:
options         MAXDSIZ=(1224*1024*1024)
options         DFLDSIZ=(1224*1024*1024)
options         MAXSSIZ=(128*1024*1024)

also in /boot/loader.conf:
kern.maxdsiz="1075771824" # 1GB
kern.dfldsiz="1075771824" # 1GB
kern.maxssiz="268435456" # 128MB

What can I do for solve this error?

Sorry for my English...

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