Question re ncurses and the various ttys

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> > Hi all
> > 
> > I've been digging around in the various man pages and 
> havent yet found
> > the 
> > incantations I require.
> > 
> > Goal: to create a curses driven status screen that can run 
> without user
> > intervention.
> > 
> > I want to know if it is possible to _programatically_ switch to an
> > unused 
> > virtual tty,
> Yes it is certainly possible, i have done this recently 
> myself and like
> you i couldn't find how to do it in any man page. Fortunately 
> i could find
> the answer in the xorg-server source code.
> You just open one of the virtual terminals and issue the VT_ACTIVATE
> ioctl:
> fd = open("/dev/ttyv9",O_RDONLY);
> ioctl(fd,VT_ACTIVATE,10);
> > and then use this as the display page.
> > ( By unused I mean marked 'off' in /etc/ttys )
> Well, the above code only switches the active vt...
> If you want your program output to go to a certain vt you 
> probably have
> to open the specific vt and replace the stdin and stdout file 
> descriptors
> of your program with the one of the one of the vt you just opened.
> But there are probably some caveats to this method, so best 
> is to take a
> look at the getty source code and maybe add your program to /etc/ttys.

Thank you - this is probably the incantation I need along with the 
curses newterm / setterm calls


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