Initio SCSI Controller & FreeBSD 6.1 Release

Grant Peel gpeel at
Thu Oct 12 07:02:28 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I have a number of servers that use SCSI drives.

I purchased a 'Star Teck' SCSI controller (PCI Bus Connection), about a year ago.

Some research shows that this controller is an 'Initio PCISCSIU2W" controller.

I have found out yesterday that none of the drivers loaded in the GENERIC Kernel support this device.

I tried doing some searches yesterday, and found some hacks and patches that clain to support it, but they were from FBSD 3 -4 and do not work.

Somehow, the answer lies in the driver 'iha' or 'iha0' that I can't seem to find.

Is there an add on device driver for this card that anyone is aware of?

Answers,m advice and hints all welcome.


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