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On Oct 12, 2006, at 1:26 AM, Juha Saarinen wrote:

> On 10/11/06, Desmond Coughlan <coughlandesmond at yahoo.fr> wrote:
>>   Yeah. I used to do Solaris admin (Jesus, you'd never know  
>> it...), and usually prefer installing software the ./configure -->  
>> make && make install route.  Especially since a ports install  
>> doesn't tell you anything about where the software is put....
> It most certainly does, and also allows you to change the locations of
> the software to be installed. Have a look at the Makefile in the
> ports.

While theoretically you can change the location where stuff is put  
using ports, it does not always work out that well (I admit I could  
have screwed up).  Mainly, some ports rely on other ports.  I  
installed a bunch of stuff (gnu build stuff) that some ports relied  
on in my own dir /usr/public as a prefix.  The ports system should  
know about this (ie at later install time) but certain ports that  
rely on this stuff seem to have it hardwired that this stuff is in / 
usr/local and these ports fail.  So may ports can easily be changed,  
some ports can't.

I use ports for things like build tools, system tools, editors,   
compilers. and certain standard SW we use.  I use configure/make etc  
for my MTA, apache, php, my imap and pop servers, and lots of my  
service level software that I find much easier to customize myself  
without jumping through ports.


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