Question re ncurses and the various ttys

Murray Taylor MTaylor at
Wed Oct 11 20:25:02 PDT 2006

Hi all

I've been digging around in the various man pages and havent yet found
incantations I require.

Goal: to create a curses driven status screen that can run without user

I want to know if it is possible to _programatically_ switch to an
virtual tty, and then use this as the display page.
( By unused I mean marked 'off' in /etc/ttys )

So if I set ttyv7 to off, can I launch a program (possibly from 
a cold boot) that selects tty7 ( ie the now getty-less terminal ),
possibly sets the rows and cols like th ecommand line vidcontrol can,
and then continues executing a curses app ? 

I can write the curses bit.

Can I execute vidcontrol(1) via a system(3) call and make it stick after
call returns or does it only affect the environment within the call.

Can I programtically do the same as Alt-F8 to preselect my screen?
Will the curses output go onto this selected screen or would it go
to the initial console screen? (Hmm maybe that is part of the answer,
in the form of "Does curses output only go to the current console?"

( ... am I even on the right track ?? )

Murray Taylor

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Bytecraft Systems


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