keyboard detected but it's unplugged.

Tuareg tuaregmex at
Wed Oct 11 12:10:03 PDT 2006

Hi all...

Well.. what is happening?

We have a server, IBM XSeries 346, with 6.1 Release
wit a new kenerl compiled.

Modified the BIOS to "keyboardless [ENABLED]"
created boot.config with "-P".

Reboot the server and besides the keyboard is unplugged,
we always get the message:

boot.config: -P
Keyboard: yes

And it's impossible to get output to the serial port, but if we use
"-h" in boot.config still get the "Keyboard: yes" but the output
goes to the serial port.

We have checked all the options in the BIOS and nothing works.

Any hints?

Thank you in advance.

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